Power Everything

The 5000W Grid & Off-grid Hybrid Inverter is capable of powering all your home appliances, while the intelligent A-home Distribution Box efficiently manages power distribution from either the solar system or the grid to your home.

0% Waste of Solar Energy

The G5000 hybrid inverter effectively converts solar energy into electricity to meet your home's power needs. Excess electricity is seamlessly fed back into the grid to accumulate credits on your electricity bills.

Power Home Appliances
Grid connection
Backup Energy in Outages

Savings on Your Household Electricity Bill

With the G5000 Energy Storage System, harness free solar energy to power your home devices during peak hours, and recharge the battery with backup energy during off-peak periods. Maximize your savings and efficiency.

$5000/Year Cost Saving
22kWh/Day Solar Generation
24/7 Power Day and Night

Space-Saving Design

The flat design enables the system to be wall-mounted, optimizing your space utilization.

Smart Household Electricity Consumption Management

The A-Home smart distribution box efficiently distributes up to 12kW to 15 household loads. When there is a power outage, it instantly switches to the backup power supply. You can easily monitor the power of each load through Fulsolen App and generate personalized power consumption reports.

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Adapter N5-15P N14-50P
Input voltage 120Vac 240Vac
Output current 12A 32A
Output power 1.4 kW 7.6 kW
Output voltage 100-250 voltsAC single phase
Input frequency 60 Hertz
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